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There is no set answer to the cost of bridal alterations. Each gown is different and requires different alterations. Although the prices listed here are typical, there is no way to know complete alteration costs until I see you in your dress. The average costs of alterations to a wedding gown range between $200 - $400; however, costs can always be higher or lower than that. I am more than happy to do a consultation on your gown prior to your first fitting. A consultation will cost $25, and can be credited towards your alteration fees if you choose to have your alterations done here. 

When shopping around for a seamstress, here are some things to consider:

1.) Cheaper isn't always better. If the cost sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2.) Beading and lace will always cost more.

3.) Make sure the seamstress has worked with higher-end fabrics before. Although your "aunt" may sew, she may not have the expertise to work on your wedding gown. Not all seamstresses are created equal.

4.) Get a solid final price before starting work. Prices shouldn't change part way through the process. This is the only way you can budget correctly.

5.) Ask what the turnaround time is for completion. There are many things on your calendar and you do not want to run the risk of your dress not being done in time.

Hem - $75+

Adjust Side Seams - $30+

Adjust/Add Straps - $15+

Add Corset Back - $75+

Add Bra Cups - $10 per regular set; $15 for push-up set

Add Sleeves - $50+

Bustle - $6+ per point

​Aisle Ready Press & Steam - $50+

​Consultation Fee - $25 (can be credited towards alterations)

Rush Fee - 25% - 100% of the alteration fees, per item

Other alterations are possible, just ask.

​Custom Work - $40 per hour


(starting amounts)

A light complimentary press & steam is included in the pricing

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